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Your Dream Wedding Cake......

Deciding on your wedding cake can be a very enjoyable part of organising a wedding but sometimes it can feel a bit overwhelming with all the different options out there.

Good cake makers and designers should be able to come up with design suggestions based on information about your day but we are more likely to come up with your perfect design quicker when you have an idea of what you like and don’t like.
Here is our quick guide to help you to have your dream wedding cake.
1.      Deciding the number tiers you would like
This is usually done by the number of guests you are having. As a quick guide 2 tiers serve around 60 portions, 3 tiers- 100 portions, 4 tiers 150 portions. There is the option to have ‘dummy’ tiers too if you would like more tiers than the number of guests to serve. These are made out of Styrofoam to look cake and are decorated in exactly the same way as regular cakes.
2.     What style of wedding cake would you like?
There are four main styles of wedding cakes- stacked, pillared, stand and cupcakes, which are illustrated below. They sky is the limit with design options though, so if you have something quirky in mind I’m sure you will have no problem in finding a suitable cake maker.
             Stacked                                                                     Pillared

         Stand                                                                          Cupcakes

3.      What type of decorations to go for
This is where you can let your imagination go wild! Popular options are to incorporate flowers, colours and themes running throughout the day but you can have pretty much anything you like on a cake. Sugar and fresh flowers to match your bouquet and wedding flowers can be a lovely pretty option or you can go for something very striking with bright colours and decorations such as stripes and motifs. Your wedding cake designer will help you with this if unsure what to go for.
4.      Choosing flavours
Traditionally all wedding cakes were fruit cakes but nowadays many people prefer the lighter sponge flavours. You can have a different flavour for each tier and most cake decorators offer a wide range of flavours you can choose from.
5.      The cost
People often wonder why wedding cakes cost hundreds of pounds. The simple answer is time and expertise. Wedding cakes are so much more than flour, butter, sugar and eggs!
Making a wedding cake that will fulfil all your expectations is a time-consuming process. Wedding cakes take several days to design, bake, construct and decorate because we need to ensure that you get a high quality product right down to the smallest details.
When you take all these factors into consideration you can understand that you are paying for an expertly crafted piece of edible art that you will remember for a life time.
We love nothing more than creating dream wedding cakes, here at Especially Delicious. Call me on 020 8944 0373 to arrange a wedding consultation appointment. This is where we meet up for a coffee in a convenient location and you tell me all about your wedding cake dreams and I'll come up with design suggestions. You'll also get a wedding cake taster pack to take away with you. 

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