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The plaice to go......

Well what a treat I had last night- gluten free fish and chips in a proper fish and chip shop!

 This is not a picture of the actual ones we had last night
as I was so excited forgot to take a picture but they looked
very similar to these.

I heard a couple of months ago that a fish and chip shop in Sutton, Surrey had started doing gluten free nights on the first Monday of each month and last night I had the chance to go.

My husband and I were both like kids in the car on the way there as it was as much of a treat for him as we could go out and eat 'regular' food without having to worry! And we were not disappointed when we arrived. We were made welcome from the start and served gluten free bread and butter while we waited for our fish and chips. It was great to feel like a 'normal' person eating out again. I'd forgotten how much on edge I am when eating out! 

Then the plaice de resistance (sorry couldn't resist) arrived! The batter was nice and crispy and the fish cooked to perfection. And then there were the chips- oh there is nothing like chip shop chips! I make battered fish at home quite regularly but can never reproduce chip shop chips.

All in all a fab night and as much like the real thing as I've come across. I've had rick stiens gf fish and chips which were nice but not proper crispy batter and was quite disappointed with the fish and chips in the Mermaid in Leicester Square.

Well done Finnigans in Sutton and looking forward to becoming a regular customer.