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Pancakes are for life not just Shrove Tuesday

I was meant to post this yesterday but plans went a bit awry and I didn't manage it. So I was thinking last night about what to do and thought- hey I have pancakes all year round and this recipe is too good not to share!

Pancake day has always been a big deal for me. When I was growing up my mum made delicious pancakes for us to enjoy on Shrove Tuesday and she often gives up something treasured for Lent, so, there was always a celebration tone to pancake day when I was little.

Now a days I've just happened to marry a man who makes the best gluten free pancakes ever! I can't quite remember how our Sunday morning pancake tradition started but it's now a firm fixture in our life and this is his recipe. It makes around 6 to 8 thin pancakes, less if you like them a bit thicker as is Mr Especially Delicious's preference.

145g Doves Farm Plain Gluten Free Flour
Good pinch of salt
1 Large Egg
255mls Milk
75mls Water
Knob of Melted butter (unsalted English butter is best)

Sift flour and salt into large bowl
Combine milk and water
Make well in centre and add egg
Add half of milk and water mixture and mix with fork until combined (don't worry if it's a bit lumpy at this stage). Then add remaining milk and water and combine with fork again. Then grab a balloon whisk and whisk until smooth and no lumps left.
Pour batter into large jug (find this is best way of pouring)
Get a large frying pan really hot, add a knob of butter and swirl around until melted.
Slowly pour batter into pan to the thickness you like (you can use ladel if that feels more familiar)
When the pancake has set on top flip over (or use a fish slice to turn) and cook on the other side for 30 seconds or so.
And voila you have a yummy gluten free pancake.
Repeat this process with remaining batter until you have stuffed yourself silly! Top pancakes with your favourite flavours. I'm a lemon and sugar kinda girl and Mr Especially Delicious loves golden syrup and bananas!
There is no need to rest the batter, it's in fact better when you make the pancakes straight away. If the batter does sit for a while make sure to give it a good whisk before making.


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