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Happy Holidays

I have just come back from a long weekend away from North Cornwall. I normally do lots of research into the best places to go for gluten free food when we go away but I didn't get chance this time and was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of pubs and restaurants we went in that marked gluten free options on their menu or when I enquired to what I could eat said that they would adapt anything on the menu.

I feel a real change in the hospitalities perception of catering for special diets and I think within a few years it will be the norm to have gf marked on menus.

It's so nice now not to be classed as odd or awkward when eating out. There are of course still places that look at you like you are from out of space when you inform them that you are on a gluten free diet but thankfully these are becoming the rarity.

So if you run a establishment get ahead of the game and please a large majority of your customers by accepting gluten freer's with open arms.

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Here are the places we went to and had yummy gf food at the weekend.


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